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Shine Music Teachers

Click here to meet our teachers

Our teachers are well trained university graduates. All of us hold either Music degrees, Diploma of Education degrees or combined Bachelor of Music/Diploma of Education. Our experience varies from the Australia Institute...<<continue reading>>

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Guitar Lesson Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Shine Music School is able to provide music lesson gift certificates for that special occasion. We are able to provide the following gift certificates:

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Guitar Lesson Gift Certificates

Shine Assist - $100,000 by 2020

Shine Music School�s goal is to donate a total of $100,000 to charities and the community by 2020. This project is named Shine Assist and its aim is to provide positive change through music lessons... <<continue reading>>

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Shine Music Practice Cycle

Shine Music Practice Cycle

Every student�s success relies on the quality of their practice and the homework provided by their teacher. At Shine Music School we have designed a practice system that ensures each student practices efficiently and improves at their highest potential... <<continue reading>>

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Videos of Shine Music School Music Lessons:

Daena De Luna. Talks about her violin lessons at Shine Music School

Patrick Sclosa, Guitar Lessons 2 years. Performance at Shine Music School Charity Concert 2009

Timothy Rusmin, Piano Lessons 2 years. Performance at Shine Music School Charity Concert 2009

John Tannous, Drum Lessons 3 years. Performance at Shine Music School Charity Concert 2009

Daniel Babekuhl explaining A minor riff alternatives

Doctor Helen Kasby. Talks about her singing lessons at Shine Music School

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"The teachers at Shine Music School explain all the concepts very thoroughly before advancing on to new pieces and techniques, thus making it very easy to learn and motivating to practise." Melad Farraha, Violin student, Yr 12 Marist Brothers Parramatta, Guildford... <<continue reading>>

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News & Events:

Shine Music School now has students enrolled from all over the world with new webcam classes. Distance is not a problem with Shine Music School. Click here to try your free webcam lesson today!

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Instrument Shop and Rental

Instruments Shop & Rental:

Instrument Rentals Shine Music School is pleased to offer an extensive range of new and pre-loved instruments for hire. Our hire plan is designed to enable parents to save when purchasing the instrument, or simply return the instrument, after hiring of the instrument ends. All rental paid towards the instrument...<<continue reading>>

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Contact Us

Contact Us:

We are located at 9, 2 O'Connell Street Parramatta (next to Westfields)

Phone: (02) 9687 9978
Fax: (02) 9687 8966
Email: [email protected]