Shine Music School’s Music Practice Cycle

Every student’s success relies on the quality of their practice and the homework provided by their teacher. At Shine Music School we have designed a practice system that ensures each student practices efficiently and improves at their highest potential.

Practice Promotions

Shine Music School is the home of Shine Practice Dollars, each week students are rewarded with Shine Music Practice money which they can exchange for prizes.

Scheduled Practice Support SMS/Phone Call

As part of your development, phone calls and smses can be scheduled to aide with practicing.

Free practice sms!

Enter in your mobile phone number and you will receive a practice sms!

Develop a successful practice habit and your music will improve to new heights!

Free Practice Tools

Daily effective practice booklet which a teacher can write out the homework in.

Free practice pack.

Enter in your email for free Shine Music practice log, music sheets, piano and guitar chords pack

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