Classical Guitar Lessons

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Shine Music Beginner Classical Guitar Lessons

Beginner Classical guitar students will commence their classical guitar lessons with learning how to read notes whilst developing a sound technical foundation to classical finger picking. As students progress, classical guitar lessons will then focus on advanced classical guitar techniques like tremolo, finger picking, rhythm and expression.

Classical guitar students will also work heavily on note reading ability and develop practical long term sight reading ability. All students who are keen to develop classical guitar technique need to use a quality classical nylon string guitar to start with.

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Intermediate and Advanced Classical Guitar Lessons

Intermediate students who are looking to advance their classical playing technique and repertoire are advised to come into Shine Music School for a complementary interview to assess the students' playing level and to discuss the students' goals and interests.

Call us on (02) 9687 9978 or email us at [email protected] to enquire about classical guitar lessons today!

Ben, classical guitar teacher, demonstrating the tremolo, classical guitar technique

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between classical guitar and acoustic guitar?

Many interested guitar students out there will mistake acoustic guitar for classical guitar. Acoustic guitar is simply a guitar that does not require electricity to play, so an acoustic guitar can mean steel string or nylon string guitar. You can play many styles on acoustic guitars like pop, rock, blues, jazz, swing, folk and classical. Classical guitar means a particular style in guitar.

Classical guitar means playing pieces that were written 200 years ago by classical guitar composers, and will mean reading notes and playing guitar using classical technique. Famous classical composers are Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, etc.

Is reading music for classical guitar hard?

Nothing in music is hard, and nothing is simple either. Learning to read actual notes for guitar rather than guitar tab just requires lots of practice and listening to the classical guitar teacher's guidance will be able to ensure good progress. Just remember it takes a good many years to become very good at classical guitar note reading, just like how it would take to learn a new language fluently.

Is classical guitar hard?

Again, nothing in music is hard, and nothing is simple either. Just make sure when choosing to play classical guitar that you set time aside to practice and have a good attitude to learning, and know that you will be attending classical guitar lessons for a very long time!. Everybody started as a beginner and it was just lots of effective and disciplined practice that translated to practical, life long classical guitar skills.

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