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Bachelor of Music (Honours)
Saxophone, Flute and Clarinet teacher.
Wayne has done it all. Growing up in the Newtown area in the 80s, Wayne finished school and worked as a warehouse manager before changing career to be postman. Taking up saxophone lessons for the first time at eighteen, fifteen years later, Wayne has completed his thesis in music for his Bachelor's degree at the Australian Institute of Music.

Since picking up the saxophone, Wayne has performed as a musician for jazz, hip hop, blues, rock, latin, big bands in Sydney and Wollongong and can play the tenor, alto, soprano, baritone saxophones along with flute, clarinet and piano. You can be sure to find Shine Music School once you hear the smooth saxophone that flows onto the street, whenever Wayne's teaching.


Bachelor of Science
Irisa has participated in many musicals and orchestras and is able to teach flute, saxophone and clarinet. Irisa is a regular performer with the JAM Big Band and plays in jazz clubs around Sydney.

Jamie Irisa

Bachelor of Sports Science
- Liz is another one of our multi-talented teachers. Not only can she teach flute, clarinet and saxophone, she also is a high jump and athletics coach. Liz reached national standard in hurdles whilst also maintaining many orchestral commitments. Liz lists her passion as music and sport.


Bechelor Of Muisc
Jemma is another of our multi-instrumental teachers. Jemma’s teaching ability extends from singing to clarinet. Apart from guiding students at Shine Music School, Jemma is also one of the singing coaches at the Australian Girls’ Choir. According to Jemma, ‘Music is how I express myself and it’s what makes me happy!.


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