Yamaha Pianos

Review: By William Dang, piano teacher


Yamaha pianos are in my opinion one of the best branded pianos that you can buy on the market for any household or improving piano student. When you are purchasing one that is a full upright, all the tones are very rich and resonate with a beautiful sound. Even the easy pieces like twinkle twinkle sound much more projecting on a Yamaha piano than on any other piano.

The tone and the action of the piano is what you are paying for. Having a good action and tone means that you develop much more stronger hands and wrists and if you are lucky enough to be practicing on one from day one, there will be a noticeable difference in strength and tonal awareness. When it comes to playing advanced pieces, it’s a student’s ability to control the projection that determines the overall expression and detail of the performance.

Yamaha pianos are also excellent in retaining their value. A $5,000 - $10,000 investment on the Yamaha piano will still hold 70% of it’s value 5 – 10 years down the road. If you ever have to sell, it a good maintenance record will mean it’s parts and tone are in good order and will be high in demand by any astute buyer.

Given that there are so many pianos on the lower end of the market with new mass manufacturing and demand for pianos, Yamaha has not given in to producing lower quality products to compete at the lower end of the market place, they have retained the values of their company of producing excellent quality pianos that are always value for money when purchased. One of their full upright pianos like the U1, U3 or T121 can last a life time without any need to upgrade when you become more advanced.

William teaches piano using Yamaha U3 pianos.