Seiff Music Parramatta

Review by William Dang, piano teacher


We have been doing business with Seiff Music Parramatta for the last 8 years, and especially with Dave, the store manager, at Seiff Music Parramatta for the last 4 years. Dave himself is a great bloke who always does his best to help every single customer and greets every single customer with the world’s biggest smile.

Seiff Music Parramatta stocks an excellent range of beginner and intermediate guitars. They have excellent options for guitars under $300 and will provide you with a stool to sit down and try out the guitars before purchasing them. There are plenty of options for all different types of guitars including the nylon string classical, steel string and electric guitar, with left handers well looked after.

Seiff Music Parramatta also stocks a good range of casio keyboards which we often refer our beginner students there to purchase. There are the keyboards which are suited to the beginners which are under $300 as well as the tough sensitive keyboards and weighted keys keyboards for students who want more advanced keyboards.

Seiff Music Parramatta also has several options for drum kits for students, with several electronic drum kits available to be tested out. With the trend of families living in cities to be living in apartments, an electronic drum kit is far more practical than an acoustic drum kit. They neighbours won’t complain and whoever is in the next room can also watch TV!

There are a good range of all your exam books and beginner books for every single instrument out there, along with the books that are released for particular bands and tv shows.

It’s always great to know that when you call Seiff Music Parramatta to reserve what you need to purchase that we heard Dave’s voice, it’s always very friendly and instantly reassures us that we are being looked after by the best.