Should my child start learning the piano or violin?

Learning to play a musical instrument takes dedication and discipline. There are many benefits that your child will receive from learning to play an instrument regardless of what type of instrument it is. This includes learning to be patient, building creativity skills and teamwork.

To determine whether your child should start learning the piano or violin, there are two major factors that can help you make your decision.



How old your child is can play a huge role in what kind of instrument they will be suitable to learn. When you start to introduce them a musical instrument, parents should understand that there are physically requirements in order to play certain instruments.

The piano for example, can be difficult for children aged between 3-5 years of age, as their hands may not be big enough to stretch to an octave width.

This is in comparison to the violin, where there are miniature sized violins appropriate for your child’s age and physic. This means that it will be more suitable for your child to learn.


Interest and Music Genre

What your child is interested in learning can also be a factor to ensure that they will enjoy practicing and learning a particular instrument.

By, learning how to play the violin your child will be exposed to three musical styles that are pop, jazz and classical. This differs when learning the piano which provides a larger range of musical styles including classic, pop and contemporary.

Select either the piano or violin by what your child’s music preference is. The type of instrument selected will have a direct effect on the range of music sheets available and the types of songs that can be learnt.


Before making a decision, it is best to ask your child and allow them to try out both instruments. This will allow you to determine which instrument is suitable for your child.