Logans Pianos

Review by piano teacher William Dang


I have had the pleasure of working with Chris, Bronwyn, Phil and the team at Logans Pianos for close to 8 years now. We order music supplies from them as well as send our violins and cellos there to be serviced.

What makes Logans Pianos a great place to do business with is that it is a very well run family business with Chris being the third generation of the Logan family in the operations. It is very difficult to run a music shop, but they manage to have an excellent range of books along with a wide selection of violins, pianos and guitars.

We send all our violin students to Logans Pianos, or order from Logans Pianos specifically, due to the fact that their violins have all been set up by an expert violin luthier. The bridges have been specifically cut to fit the strings and are tuned before they allow you take it home. This assists with further tunings of the violin and ensures that the action of the strings are correct.We generally order the enrico violins for our beginner students, with the advanced students ordering their Gliga III violins.

We also specifically refer our piano students to Logans Pianos when they are purchasing pianos. Logans pianos is Australia’s number one Yamaha piano dealer and deal in brand new pianos and not the refurbished ones.As a piano teacher, we need students to be practicing on pianos with good tone and good action, which Yamaha pianos are obviously known for. These pianos aren’t cheap, but are an excellent investment since they don’t exactly devalue like other instruments. Keep your receipt from your purchase and if you ever need to sell your piano, say that you purchased it from logans pianos for extra resale value.

Every time we call Logans we hear a very familiar voice, it’s a Logans piano voice so we can do business with 100% certainty. I have full confidence in recommending them to anybody who is thinking about where to purchase their next musical instrument, piano, violin or music books.