What can learning an instrument do for your child

While learning an instrument can be an enjoyable activity for your child, it can also encourage the development of important skills which are adaptable to everyday life and in your child’s education. Here are some benefits of learning a musical instrument.

Cognitive Development

Learning music has been associated with developing the brain. Learning how to read music and understanding technical terms can allow children to learn the value of practice, discipline and patience. Having eye and hand coordination helps develop a child’s motor skills which can be applied to a range of everyday activities. These core skills can also then be applied academic ally to excel in their education.

Build Confidence and Self Esteem

By setting goals, children are able to feel a sense of achievement that will encourage your child to feel good about their capabilities. Music teachers will often encourage students to perform at local concerts and to family and friends. This builds self esteem and provides a hobby or an interest that they can feel proud of.

Communication Skills and Team Work

Working alongside the music teacher and interacting with other students in lessons can assist to build valuable communication skills. Your child will begin to interact socially and learn the value of teamwork.

Creative Skills

Learning music also stimulates children to be more creative and to have a sense of self expression through their hobbies and interests. As a result, children will also have a natural interest in dance, writing music and performing arts.

Stress Reliever

Learning a musical instrument can also teach your child how to positively deal with stress. According to a study published in 2005 from the Medical Science Monitor, playing a musical instrument through active music participation provides a calming effect that relaxes the body and mind. Being able to focus on practicing or performing music rather than concerns or problems that may be affecting your child, can relieve stress tremendously..