How To Sing

For all the potential singing students or performers out there who are contemplating on how to improve their voice, Shine Music School has these suggestions on how to sing. These suggestions are for all beginners, intermediate and advanced singers and also for those who are taking singing lessons or thinking about taking singing lessons.

1. Listen to other singers

One of the questions that we get asked so often by excited students is ‘how to sing’ and the answer we always give is to always listen to a good singer and see what they are doing. They are often being accompanied by a band or music and they are not straining to hit the notes. This often comes from hours of vocal training and strengthening so try to work out and emulate the number of hours or years the artist has been training for and you then have your formula for improvement.

2. Warm up

Warming up is crucial to hitting the good notes. Whenever you are practicing or before a performance, always spend 10 – 15 minutes warming up. You can record some notes on your ipod and warm up gently against the recordings in your own space, or you can find a spare piano or guitar to sing against those notes. A good warm up will mean a good vocal performance.

An athlete never goes in cold after they have just laced their boots or put on their jersey, they both physically and mentally prepare for the task ahead and visualise their perfect performance. This is the same way to sing optimally. Both physical and mentally rehearse what’s needed.

3. Get a good teacher

All the best singers in the world have good singing teachers. They have lessons everyday and practice their vocal technique to ensure constant strengthening and improvement. All this homework and development is provided by the singing teacher who constantly monitors improvement and provides crucial feedback and lesson plans.

So if you are wondering the age old question of how to sing, make sure you do plenty of listening to other singers, find some good vocal warm ups and enrol yourself into some singing lessons from a professional singing teacher.