How to read notes in music

Music notation is used to tell the performer what pitch to play there are 7 notes before we return to a pitch that has double the frequency. We use the first 7 letters of the English to name these notes.


We position these notes on a stave which is five lines and in which the lines and spaces can tell us the highness or lowness of the pitch, the higher the note on the stave the higher the pitch and the lower the note on the stave the lower the pitch. The symbol that is used at the beginning of the music tells us where a specific note is that we can then arrange the other notes around.

The Treble Clef

The treble clef shown below is also known as a G clef. It shows us where the note g sits on the stave. The line that passes through the curl is the note G

Trebel Clef

From this note we can place all the notes in order of pitch. It is important to note that the treble clef represents the notes above middle C. that being the C positioned in the middle of a keyboard.

Trebel Clef

The Bass Clef

The Bass clef works in the same way however the clef tells us that the line that passes between the two dots is the note F. The bass clef represents the notes bellow middle C.

Base Clef

Likewise the notes are arranged in order of pitch.

Base Clef