What can I do to encourage my kids to practice?


Often encouraging your child to practice can be a difficult experience, particularly in the first year. There are however, helpful tips and suggestions that can positively encourage your child to practice.

Practice Plan

Creating the ideal practice plan that will help your child keep focus is one of the key strategies. Develop a plan with your child to allow them to feel included and involved in the process. This will create greater ownership of the plan and encourage your child to commit to practicing. Instead of treating the practice plan as a homework sheet, parents should make sure that the practice plan covers a mix of fun activities and the core syllabus. For example, parents should have an active role by playing fun music with your child. This will allow your child to bond with you and associate the experience positively.

Set Goals

Start with small goals such as learning how to play a section of the music sheet is a great way to encourage your child. Setting goals allows your child to not feel overwhelmed and to have an aim in mind to achieve. It is also important to remember to provide positive re-enforcement and positive affirmation when your child achieves a goal. Once achieved, your child will feel positive and more confident in their skills, which will then encourage your child to continue practicing.

Positive Rewards

Instead of restricting activities or taking away toys, which can often lead your child feeling forced or negative about practicing, it is best to provide them with rewards that can be used as a motivator. Establishing a list of positive rewards can encourage your child to be patient and disciplined. All rewards should be related to the type of instrument or music your child is interested in. For example, rewarding your child by taking them to a music store can encourage their interest for music. Here they will be able to select new music sheets from their favorite artists. Parents can also select a range of songs outside of the syllabus that are fun and enjoyable to learn..