What are the differences between the acoustic, classical and electric guitar?


Guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments at this time and its origin was in 17th century. There are different types of guitar available at this time such as classical guitar, acoustic guitar, electrical guitar and so on. Before buying a guitar for you or for your son/daughter, you should know the basic differences between them and which particular guitar is preferable for which type of music.

Body of the Guitar

The first and most big giveaway is the shape of the body by seeing which you can easily differ one from another. But sometimes it may be a subtle difference while comparing the acoustic guitar and the classic guitar. In the terms of appearance the classic and acoustic guitars always have a round hole in their body but the electrical guitar doesn’t. The classic and the acoustic guitars are bulkier than the electrical guitars, but it is hollow and lighter. The electrical guitars are smaller in look but heavier than the classic and acoustic ones as because they are solid rather than them. Another difference between the classic and the acoustic is that, the acoustic guitar often has a scratch plate next to the sound hole to protect the guitar body from scratches, where the classic doesn’t have one.

Fret board

The fret board of the acoustic and electric guitar are narrower than the classic guitar. And also most often the classic guitar doesn’t have a dot fret markers as like the acoustic and electric ones.

Head stock

The head stock of the classic guitar looks very different form the acoustic and electric guitar. There are hollows in the headstock of the classic guitar and most of them are looking same. But the acoustic and electric guitar head stocks are available in different designs.


Classic guitars generally use Nylon strings, where as the acoustic and electric guitar use the steel strings. The nylon strings are thicker and have a mellow and rounded sound. The strings of the electric guitar are much softer than the acoustic guitar and can be easily pressed.


The classic guitar is much cheaper than the acoustic and the electric guitar is most expensive as it is combined with different knobs, buttons and switches.

The classic guitar is good for classical music, the acoustic guitar is best for pop, jazz, rock or blues type music and the electric guitar is for hard rock music. So before buying a guitar decide which type of music you want to play and then select your guitar. For more information you can visit here: