What age should you start music lessons for your child

As parents, you want to ensure that your child receives the most benefit of learning music at a young age. This poses the question as to how young should your child begin to participate in music lessons?

Although music teachers would encourage to start at a young age, there is no specific age which your child should start music lessons. Generally, children can start learning certain types of instruments at the age of 3. It is important however, to understand the signals of when your child is ready and to encourage them to do so.

One of the first signals is if your child shows an interest in learning a musical instrument. This can be seen by the discussions you have, if your child enjoys music, the types of activities your child is already enjoying, if your child already plays an instrument or the classes that your child excels in school.

Ensuring that you child is mentally capable of the expectations of learning music is also important. This means being able to concentrate for a long duration of time without losing focus or interest and the patience and discipline to practice on a regular basis.

For certain types of instruments, the physic of your child also is a factor. Children may be able to begin to learn piano at a young age but will not be able to learn the tenor saxophone or trombone until they are over the age of 6.

Children who currently have enough time to dedicate to learning a musical instrument should also be encouraged to start. This includes children who are not actively involved in other after school activities or would like a hobby that will allow them to learn and grow.

Taking your child to a class is the next step that will confirm whether they are ready to participate in music lessons long term. Trialing a few lessons will help you determine whether they are ready or not.