Alex Steinbach Pianos

Review: By William Dang, piano teacher


Alex Steinbach pianos are Korean made pianos that are quality pianos made for the middle end of the market with full up right pianos slightly cheaper than the premium branded pianos but with good tone and action. When buying an Alex Steinbach piano always test the tone and action out to make sure it is to your liking and that it is solid enough.

I personally developed practiced on an Alex Steinbach piano from the age of 16 up to my performance diplomas so it does provide a solid piano for the beginner to advanced piano player. The tone and action is much more responsive when compared to other brands of pianos of the same price range. Alex Steinbach itself has grown as a brand and is now a very recognisable brand name in Australia.

Lately, Alex Steinbach now have made sure it’s pianos do feature longer strings so there is a much richer tone evident and gives an advanced piano player more range to play with. The outer cabinet of the Alex Steinbach comes in a selection of colours with it’s mahogany red looking absolutely beautiful. The Alex Steinbach piano is great for every student’s first piano when they are taking AMEB exams for the first time or at the lower side of the exams.

Alex Steinbach’s major importer Studio 19 also regularly has a good promotion of when you buy an Alex Steinbach piano it will subsidies a student’s piano teaching fees. There are also good lines of credit available for all purchasers of Alex Steinbach pianos so if you don’t have the upfront payment available it means you will have options to pay it off over a long period of time, whilst practicing on a brand new piano.